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The art of system administration covers a huge swath of networking topics and services. Our primary aim here is to focus on the administration of email services, such as relaying mail, filtering, reading, and troubleshooting techniques from studying log files to manually testing services. Present here are a collection of related topics concerning email. Over time we hope to expand into additional subject areas. Most of the examples will be shown using Unix command line interface (CLI) tools, but where possible we'll attempt to include operating system (OS) supplied and/or free tools for Windows and Mac OS X.

As the Internet grows, more and more people are drawn on to aid in its management, all with different levels of knowledge and experience. Gone are the days of uber geeks gathered over a green screen monitor discussing the intricacies of Sendmail ruleset syntax and application. And while high school and university computer clubs continue to cater to the very inquisitive about computers and networking, many new computing professionals lack the breadth of knowledge and technical history. Computers today encompass so many disciplines, there simply is not enough time to cover all the material in-depth nor a single resource that ties together all the related pieces of one subject.

Often the setup and care of email services is simply delegated to the most technically-competent person in an organisation, which might simply mean they know the difference between an Android and iOS smartphone, or they once figured out how to set up a vacation message for the CEO. While it's possible to research just about any topic online, one still needs to know what topics to start with and how much is immediately relevant to the task.


Agents • IETF • Tools • Encryption • Postmaster


FQDN • Black & White Lists • DKIM • DMARC • SPF • TLD • DNS Overview

How To

Choose A Secure Password • Configure Windows NTP • Create A Certificate Signing Request • Create Self-Signed Certificate • Dig • Manually Test STARTTLS • Netstat • Nslookup • Read Mail Logs • Telnet Basics • SSH • KiTTY


DSN • MIME • NTP • POP • IMAP • SMTP • Base64 • Mail Message Structure


Netmail • SnertSoft